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Adding Pages to Your Passport

August 30, 2008
by Stuart
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A few of the countries we are going to require visas, and most visas require at least one blank page in your passport. Once I realized I might not have enough blank pages, I checked the San Francisco Passport Agency‘s website to see about could be done. To get pages added, I would have to fill out some forms, drop off my passport downtown, have them ship it to the National Passport Processing Center in Philadelphia and – if I paid a rush fee – get it back in two weeks.

Since we didn’t have time for that, I did some Googling and found a handy article in the Washington Post mentioning that you can get this done in a US embassy or consulate abroad in less time. Since our first stop was St. Petersburg, I emailed the US Consulate there – it takes about 20 minutes and it’s free.