Permanent Vacasian

The traveller sees what he sees; the tripper sees what he has come to see. – G. K. Chesterton

Home, Sweet Home


I arrived back in San Francisco via Tokyo on the 12th in order to see a doctor about my arm and to attend my obligatory Neurotech appointments.  I was pretty sad to leave Beijing, and I made quite a scene at the airport when Stuart and I were saying our farewells.  I bust into tears right in front of the security checkpoint just as a group of Chinese tourists approached.  In the middle of my sobs, I lifted my head from Stuart’s shoulder to see that we were surrounded by a sea of old Chinese people in red hats.  I’m not sure why I got so emotional.  I don’t know if I was sad to be leaving China, or sad to be away from Stuart for three weeks, or (most likely) scared to leave Stuart alone in China to fend for himself.  Probably all three.  Now that I am home, I am happy to be here.  Its nice to have some time to rest my arm and rejuvenate.  I saw a doctor at Kaiser yesterday, and aside from the hospital catching on fire during my appointment, it went very well.  The doctor (who looked kinda like George Clooney) said my arm looked like it was healing well, and said that I should be good to go by December 1 (good timing as I fly back to Beijing on the 2nd).  I also have to admit that I am really enjoying the comforts of home.

Top 10 awesome things about being home:

10. Clean clothes
9. Well maintained sidewalks
8. Western toilets and soft TP
7. Orderly queues
6. Pedestrian right-of-way and observed traffic laws
5. Western medicine
4. Friends and family
3. November heat wave
2. English
1. Tacos


  1. A fire in the hospital?? And here you thought you were returning to the First World (so to speak). Amen to your list of great things about being home, especially #1! Enjoy your vacation from your vacation.

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